Bruce Moore

BMOA President Bruce Moore says

It became clear to me that without the NASO group coverage, the board and I were taking a big liability risk. (NASO group coverage insurance) became more of a necessity than anything else.

Bruce MooreBMOA President
David Richtberg

PRFFO Board Member David Richtberg says

The insurance was the driving decision to join. We had been an organization without insurance and luckily, we had never had a reason to need it.

David RichtbergPRFFO Board Member
Tracy Blackmore

NCOA Secretary Tracy Blackmore says

Liability Insurance was a big sell, along with all the other discounts, like getting 10 percent off on Referee Books… and we are still able to take advantage of the discounts on books

Tracy BlackmoreNCOA Secretary
Jim Irwin

OVC Secretary/Tresurer Jim Irwin says

Making sure all our officials have this type coverage is made much easier with the group membership. NASO is also an excellent provider of training and educational publications for our officials, along with discounts on hotels, equipment, etc. Joining NASO as a group provides our members and leadership peace of mind. Having the backing of this organization allows our officials to focus on the game.

Jim IrwinOVC Secretary/Tresurer