Platinum & Platinum Shield

Association Advantage Platinum is the premier resource for maximizing the performance of your group, providing leadership and administrative resources to help you elevate your organization with a focus on training, assigning, legal issues and best practices specific to local officials association management.


Materials For Your Association

» Members Only Website

» Advantage Guidebook: Guide To Local Association Management

» Advisor Newsletter

» Referee Magazine

Benefits for Your Members

» 20% off Cliff Keen officiating gear

» Bulk Discounts and Shipping Deals from the Referee Training Center

Protections for Your Association Available with Platinum SHIELD

» Association General Liability Coverage with $1 Million per Occurrence and $5 Million Aggregate

» Free Access to the Member Information & Consultation Program

» Full Individual NASO Membership for Up to Seven Board Members



Enrollment into the Association Advantage Program provides your group’s leadership and board of directors with the only package of tools and resources in the world specifically dedicated to providing education and training for running and improving local officials associations.

» Advantage Guidebook: Guide To Local Association Management
A comprehensive manual considered the “Bible” of officials association leadership and administration, delivered directly to your association’s designated key contact person.

» Advisor newsletter
12 monthly issues full of news, features, tips and best practices on such topics as assigning, evaluations, recruitment  & retention, meetings, bylaws, contracts, discipline, insurance and legal topics all related to running an officiating organization.

» Members Only Website
Unlimited access to the Association Advantage members-only website featuring the largest and most comprehensive online database of officials association resources and articles.

» Training Incentive Program
Bulk-buying opportunities for officials training resources with discounts of 45% off.

» Major Cliff Keen Discount
Your entire association membership receives an exclusive 20% discount on all online purchases from Cliff Keen Officiating, the official sponsor of Association Advantage.

» MICP (Members Information & Consultation Program)
Provides financial, tax, legal and administrative general information and consultation on issues pertaining to your association.

Takeaway: Vital information nobody else provides on maintaining and running your association.


Included in your Association Advantage enrollment, your association and its board of directors are fully protected by the following:

» General liability insurance protection
Coverage included for the association and its board and committee members for coverage up to $1 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate. General liability provides coverage for claims for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury.

» $50,000 Game Call and Assignor’s Coverage

Provides coverage for alleged officiating-related errors and omissions that result in a claimed financial loss but there is no bodily injury.

Takeaway: Necessary insurance coverage to protect your association & board for activities, camps, clinics and training.

Optional Insurance Benefits Available

All options require separate enrollment to purchase.

» Directors & Officers coverage option can be thought of as malpractice insurance for the association and those who manage it. It protects the association as an entity and the board members against claims for allegations of wrongful acts, errors, and omissions. There are two coverage options of $1 million (cost is $575/year), or $2 million (cost is $875/year). Apply for this online at

» Game Fee – Excess Accident Medical coverage option provides protection against lost games and injuries that result from officiating activities.

» Crime coverage option protects the association from dishonest acts of employees and volunteers including theft, forgery and fraud resulting in financial loss to the association.

» Cyber coverage option provides liability protection for an association in the event of a breach of personal identifying or confidential information.

Contact NASO for more information or to enroll in Association Advantage.